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Viewer panels

  • ArchivePanel :

    Displays an archive of the current blog.

  • Backlinks : List all pages having links to the page being viewed. Displays nothing if there are no links to the page being viewed.
  • CategoriesPanel :

    List all Blog Categories. A Category is a name used to organize Blog articles that you post. XWiki is preconfigured with three categories: News, Personal and Others.

  • Members :

    List the last 5 members who have registered on this wiki along with their pictures (a default picture is displayed if the user hasn't uploaded any picture).

  • MyRecentModifications : List the last 5 documents modified by the current user.
  • Navigation : Lists all spaces and all documents in the spaces. Note that administration spaces and pages are only displayed for Administrators. This Panel provides a default automated navigation. However when your wiki grows you'll usually want to replace it with your own fixed navigation for which you'll create another Panel.
  • NewPage : Form for creating a new page in the wiki.
  • OrphanedPages : List pages that have no parent defined.
  • QuickLinks : Important Navigation Links
  • Recently Created : List the last 5 documents created.
  • Recently Modified : List the last 5 documents modified.
  • RecentlyVisited : List the last 5 documents you have visited.
  • RecentPostsPanel :

    Shows the most recent (published) blog posts.

  • Search :

    Search Tool.

  • Shortcuts : Shortcuts to document data.
  • SpaceDocs : Displays the documents in the current space.
  • Spaces : Displays the spaces available in the wiki.
  • TagCloud
  • UnpublishedPanel :

    Shows the most recent unpublished blog entries.

  • Welcome : Displays a simple welcome message to all visitors. This message is meant to be customized to display whatever welcome information you'd like to show.

Editor panels

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