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Text your bus stop code or intersection To: 511123 while you’re on your way to the bus stop... We'll text back how many stops away the next bus is.

Note: Standard carrier charges for text messaging may apply.

You can find your bus stop code:

 • Using the MTA Bus Time interactive map. Zoom in on the map, select the bus nearest your stop, then simply click your stop.

 • At bus stops on the bus stop schedule.  

Texting Tips

• For best results, add a specific bus route to your text.

• Be sure to insert a space between bus stop code or intersection and bus route (such as 103903 Bx39 or Port Richmond Av and Orange Av S59).

• Texts are not case sensitive.

• For SBS routes, add “-SBS” after the route (such as S79-SBS).

• Some bus stops have multiple routes. To get the bus arrival information for just one route at the stop, include the bus route in your text To: 511123.

• Once you've gotten a list of upcoming arrivals you can send R within the next 20 minutes to refresh them. 


Service Changes

MTA Bus Time also gives you real time information on service changes and reroutes.  You will know there is a service change when you see an asterisk next to the bus route. To get complete information on the service change, send a text To: 511123 with the letter "C”  before your route (for example:  C S79-SBS  or C Bx39).

MTA Bus Time will display the first part of the service change, up to the length of a single text message. There may be more than one service change, in which case MTA Bus Time will prompt you to send "N" for the next one.


More Info

For more detailed instructions on accessing MTA Bus Time by text message, click here.

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