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Upcoming Buses in Stop Popups

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Upcoming Buses in Stop Popups

A stop popup on Bus Time for Desktop Web displays upcoming buses for a single bus stop. To find your stop and open its stop popup, see Searching for Your Stop. Below is a description of the different types of bus information in a stop popup.

'Buses en-route:'

In this section stop popups show bus routes in a single direction (bus stops usually serve 1 direction per route) with upcoming bus arrivals.

A bus route direction includes the bus route name ('X17') and the bus direction/destination ('to E Midtown 57 St'). 

Upcoming bus arrivals are shown below the route direction in terms of distance from that bus stop, in miles or stops (if 3 stops away or less). Bus routes are sorted by first arrivals.

Clicking on any bus route in a stop popup will launch a search for that bus route.


'No buses en-route to this stop:'

This section displays bus routes currently scheduled to run but with no nearby buses headed towards this stop 1. The bus route name and destination will be gray. In this case, please check back later for updates.

1 More specifically, 1) no buses are currently headed to this stop from the 1st stop in this direction, also called a 'terminal' of the route, AND 2) no buses are headed to the terminal from within 5 miles in the other direction. Buses often 'wraparound' at a terminal and change directions after a scheduled layover.  Also see '(+ scheduled layover at terminal)' below for more info.

'No scheduled service at this time:'

If there are routes with no buses currently scheduled to this stop, the route names will be greyed out and in this section.

Layover Information

'(+ scheduled layover at terminal)'

If the bus is heading to your bus stop but will first head to a terminal (this means a route endpoint, not a bus terminal building) before reaching this stop, the stop popup displays this above phrase.

The distance displayed should be combined with a scheduled layover at the terminal between the last stop of a route in one direction and 1st stop of a route in the other direction 2.

2  This information displays upcoming bus arrivals to people waiting at bus stops at the beginning of routes.  '(+ scheduled layover at terminal)' will be shown for any buses within 5 miles of the last stop in the other direction, also called a 'terminal' of the route. Buses often 'wraparound' at a terminal and change directions after a scheduled layover. The length of a layover may vary but 'scheduled to depart' information is also shown when possible.  For routes shorter than 5 miles, upcoming bus arrivals are only shown within 1 previous terminal-to-terminal trip in the other direction.

'(at terminal)'

If the bus is already at the terminal, the stop popup will also indicate, when possible, the expected departure time:


Alert Information

Occasionally, the MTA may need to change schedules or routes to accommodate conditions. In these cases, there will be a red "Alert" link next to the route name and destination.

Clicking this link will open the Alert in the sidebar to the left of the map. This will describe the issue and the impact on service.


Bus Stop Information On the Go

'While at the bus stop...'

At the bottom of the stop popup, there is information about how to get upcoming bus info for that stop on the go:

  • Text MTA Bus Time To: 511123 a message containing the 6-digit Stopcode at the top of stop popups or at bus stops on bus stop poles.

  • Text your intersection ('broadway & 14th st') To: 511123 if you don't know your Stopcode. More info is available at this page.

  • If you have an internet-enabled smartphone, try Bus Time for Mobile by entering your Route, Intersection or Stopcode at

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